Terran (Human)

Man and woman







Terra Prime, AKA. Earth

Alliance join date:



Female: 50.2%
Male: 49.71%
Other: 0.09% GF

Terrans, or Humans as they call themselves, are one of the most recent members to join the galactic alliance. They have been observed by the galactic alliance for thousands of years however as Terra Prime sits inside galactic space. Terran’s have found out that their planet, Terra Prime or Earth as they used to call it, has been visited by most of the major alliance races over their history. The Terrans have consistently surprised the other alliance races. They have some of the shortest lifespans among any alliance member, but this seems to give them a drive to success. Terrans consistently adapt, reinvent, and re-imagine things in new and unusual ways. The scientists in the alliance have shown that Terrans have advanced from the stone age to a hyper flight civilization quicker than any other race in recorded history by half. This fact however does disturb some of the other races. If the Terrans have grown this fast, where will they be in the galaxy in another hundred years or thousand years?

Racial advantage: Terrans are extremely flexible and adaptable as well as imaginative and inventive. As such terrans find that learning new skills comes easier to them than most other races. In addition they learn to improve and hone their skills faster than others. Where as members of most races tend to specialize in one field of expertise, Terrans often can be proficient in several fields.

Racial disadvantage: Terrans have very short lives. They reach sexual maturity 15 – 30 galactic years after birth (10-20 earth standard years) however society considers a Terran to be an adult at age 30 (20 earth standard years). The oldest recorded Terran lived to the age of 240 galactic years (160 earth standard), but the average Terran usually dies of old age around 195 galactic years (135 earth standard). However genetic engineering and advanced medicine can extend a Terran’s lifetime by decades or even another century if they can afford the extremely expensive treatments.
In addition to this, many other races are suspicious of Terrans and how quickly they’ve taken their place in the galactic civilization. Pythonians especially seem to have a particular dislike for Terrans.

Appearance: Like most of the races of the galactic alliance, Terrans are dual gendered, bipedal humanoids. Their height varies by sex and ethnic background, but racially the average height for a male Terran is 1.776 m (5 ft 10 in) and the average height for a female Terran is 1.648 m (5 ft 5 in). Terrans may grow hair over a large portion of their bodies. Most adult males see some hair growth on arms, legs, chest, pubis, and face. Most adult females see much lighter hair growth on arms, legs, and pubis. In any case however, most Terrans see significantly less hair growth, or choose to remove hair other than that on their head. Hormone and ethnic background can lead a wide variance in this. Terrans walk upright and have skin tone that varies from a pale almost white through a range to nearly black, however most skin tones fall into a shade of light brown.

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Terran (Human)

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