The following is a list of technology that’s been seen in the game, as well as a brief description of what it is.

Hyper space technology

Holo tool – this device can either be a small, wrist mounted device similar in nature to a wrist watch, or it can be a sensor and projector cluster implanted sub dermally under the skin in that same location. It functions as a miniature computer, computer access device, and general use tool. This was inspired by the mass effect ‘omni tool’ which you can read about here: Mass Effect Omni Tool

Blaster – Most blasters are roughly pistol sized and shaped with larger ones allowing for a larger ‘clip,’ ie more shots between recharges. The function of these energy based weapons is such that they accept ‘energy clips’ that are drained with every shot. The clips can be recharged individually or swapped for fresh clips in mid combat. Finally the power level of the blaster can be dialed back so that it can be set to knock a person by disrupting the neural pathways as opposed to creating burn damage. In fact some people set entire clips to only allow function on this ‘stun’ setting. Finally most alliance space stations have ‘dampening feilds’ that prevent the use of blasters unless they use a special modification that will only allow the blaster to function on stun setting. While this is something that a smart engineer can get around, doing so is a serious crime.

Plasma Cannon

Matter replication / deconstruction – Using a base storage tank of raw matter, a matter replicator can replicate over time, the form of many items. Most simple foods can be built as well as simple items and objects. The creation of higher technology is not recommended as creation of computer or tech components are extremely unreliable when created in this way. In addition medicine created by a matter replicator is not guaranteed effective. The primary use for this is for the creation of food stuffs, which even if created with errors at the atomic level, still are perfectly safe to eat. Also this can be used to create water (a very simple molecule) for use aboard a space ship, thus negating the need for large tanks of water to be carried.
The other function of this device is to run it in reverse and ‘deconstruct’ matter into it’s base atoms which can then be shunted into storage. With this function two things are accomplished. First the matter storage tanks are replenished, second the item to be ‘deconstructed’ is efficiently removed from the ship. This allows the removal of all sorts of waste products from the ship. Many safety locks prevent this function from working on living matter. Even the smallest ships have at least one of these, and usually two. The first is in engineering and services ship functions, such as the creation of water for ship use / showers / etc and matter deconstruction for waste disposal. The second is usually found in a galley for food / simple item creation.

Morphic body suit

Sonic shower – while a matter replicator can create water for showers, a much more efficient use of energy for hygiene is the sonic shower. The sonic shower uses millions of micro burst sonic emitters embedded in the walls of the shower stall that target and blast the outer layer of kerotinized skin from an individual. The individual then simply ‘sloughs off’ this outer layer of dusty dead skin as well as any dirt or foreign objects. In addition sonic showers can be set to ‘smart defoliation.’ This setting targets hair follicles that the user pre determines and kills the follicles, preventing hair from growing in that location for a few days (depending on race).


Technology that DOES NOT exist

Star Trek style Teleporters – The teleporter is a ‘plot device’ that was created for the ease of filming a TV show. It completely removes the need for good sci fi like flying shuttles, taking trains, etc. It was designed to quickly get actors from one set to another and has no place in good science fiction. This point can be driven home by watching the most recent JJ Abrhams “Star Trek” remake where two character transport a distance roughly equivalent that it takes their star ship a day of travel. Why? Because it’s convenient.

Resurrection machines – If a person dies, they die. While medical technology is advanced and futuristic, the idea of bringing a dead person back to life is a cheap device that I’ve never cared for.

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