The following are important notes on life in the galaxy.

Chronos Prime – The center of the Alliance and arguably the most important planet in the galaxy. Chronos prime houses all of the alliance’s political structure. In addition Chronos Prime has the nearly unbeleivable distinction of having a solar orbit that breaks down into a near perfect base 10 metric system. Chronos Prime is the base for the galactic time used throughout the universe.

The Alliance – what everyone calls the governing body of known space. A shortened version of the official name which is The “Unified Alliance of Civilized Spacefaring Races.” Any race may officially Join the alliance once they develop hyper space technology. Galactic exploration / colonization is not required as some races are extremely insular and only joined in order to benefit from the protection afforded to alliance races.
The alliance is governed by three branches; the council, the people, and the administration.
The council is a group of seven elected officials that oversee the broad scope of matters in the alliance. They have overarching power over the other branches, and for all intents and purposes run the alliance. Council members are elected annually and have no term limits, but are not allowed to ‘campaign’ and may only be put forwards as candidates by members of ‘the people.’ Political campaigning for a spot on the council is extremely bad form and can cause a politician to be blacklisted.
The people is the name for the legislative branch of the alliance government. Members are elected by citizens of Chronos Prime or any race’s capital world. The term for a member of ‘the people’ is three years, and limited to ten terms.
The administration is the working arm of the alliance. A massive bureaucracy that oversees the machine that is the alliance. Everything from alliance supply schedules to the alliance military machine all fall under the pervue of the massive hierarchy that is ‘the administration.’ People are not elected to this arm of the government, but are hired into it as their skills allow.

Galactic time – Most members of the alliance use a time based on the rotation of Chronos Prime. This time is metric in nature and is known as Galactic Time. However many races may also use a time standard based on their own race’s home planet. For example Captain John Hale runs his ships on Earth Standard Time, not galactic.

Galactic speech – A universal trade language. This is the official language of the Alliance and all of it’s members. Most native languages have fallen into disuse and it’s considered very bad form to use other languages other than ‘galactic.’

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