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Female: 82.3%
Male: 17.69%
Other: less than 0.01%

Mynx, or ‘the kin’ as they often refer to themselves, are one of the most recent races to join the galactic alliance. They were discovered by the Asari a few thousand years ago, but as they were a pre hyper space technology civilization, Mynx space was cordoned off. However in 8891, after they developed hyper space tech, the Mynx had made first contact with the Asari. Less than a hundred galactic years later they were accepted into the alliance.
Racially the Mynx look much like many of the other alliance races, but with a distinctively feline appearance. The average Mynx that someone will deal with will be a female, as there is a huge gender imbalance in their race. Roughly one male is born to every female. This has led to the women as the more dominant gender in their society. The Mynx has a hyper active sexual cycle that shapes much of their society and how they interact with each other and other races. For roughly forty cycles (9 earth standard days) female Mynx enter a ‘heat’ of sorts where they become hyper sexual and desire physical contact. After the heat ends, they return to a normal state of sexual desire for around a hundred and sixty cycles (about 36 earth standard days). Because of this any Mynx ship will have at least one male Mynx crewmate, and no matter what their job might be, they are expected to help relieve the female crewmate’s biological desires. While Mynx prefer the company of their own race, they are very capricious and will socialize with the other races as long as they get along well enough.
Assisting them in this, Mynx women release a pheromone naturally that sexually excites potential partners. The production of this pheromone spikes when they are in heat.
The racial name for the Mynx was actually given to them by accident. Due in large part to their heat cycle and the Terran’s propensity to speak carelessly. The Mynx originally had no concept of naming their own race. They simply referred to themselves as ‘kin’ meaning that they were all somehow related, a sisterhood of the same race. During this time they had almost joined the gallactic alliance using that name ‘Kin’ as their racial name. However a Terran admiral had made a blunder that changed the Mynx forever. While being interviewed on a live galactic broadcast, he made the off hand comment that the ‘kin’ ambassador certainly was a ‘saucy little minx’ not realizing that he was being recorded yet. The name stuck and the race quickly accepted Mynx as their race’s name. It is not quite clear if the Mynx take their racial name in humor or as a badge of pride, but most people think it’s a mixture of the two.

Racial advantage: Mynx males have an extremely strong sense of smell. In fact it’s so powerful that when off a Mynx ship they often take a daily nasal numbing agent that allows them to function without being distracted by various smells. So strong is their sense of smell that they can often identify people, detect dangerous gasses, or tell what is in a meal, all by scent alone. This sense helps a male tell where a female mynx is in her heat cycle, and if she is emitting a strong amount of pheremones, the male can actually track her by scent alone.
Female Mynx have a good sense of smell, but not much stronger than other races, and certainly nothing compared to the males of their species. However Mynx females have a unique advantage. They have the ability to produce emotion altering pheromones. These pheromones affect most other races to varying degrees. During their heat cycle however the pheromone most commonly released, usually subconsciously, is one that induces lust.
In addition Mynx of both gender have a long prehensile tail. While they consider it crude to do so, they can wrap their tail around objects to hold them. They have great control over their tail when they focus on it’s control. However it’s considered ‘crass’ in their society to do so, and the tail is not especially strong. But in a pinch it could easily be used to hold a simple tool, clothing, or anything else not too heavy.

Racial disadvantage: Mynx are sly and capricious creatures. In addition they seem to be ruled largely by their passions. The women especially so seem to crave experience, pleasure, and comfort. They also do not empathize well with others and are as likely to laugh at another person’s pain as they are to feel sympathy. In addition due to their extremely open sexual nature, they can sometimes make enemies. Already in recorded galactic history there have been thousands of recorded cases of a Mynx woman ‘seducing’ a married man. They do not understand the concept of monogamy as it is a completely alien concept to their race. In Mynx culture any given male is expected to serve any mynx female that requests it, so when confronted by males of other species, they have a hard time accepting them as equals. Often they may just use there pheromones to get what they want. This has led to a rather dim veiw of them throughout the alliance.
Mynx males walk a fine line between submission and independence. A lifetime of being a second class citizen and sex toy to females leads to a very submissive persona.

Mynx have somewhat short lives. They reach sexual maturity 12 – 18 galactic years after birth (9-12 earth standard years) however society considers a Mynx to be an adult after they’ve completed a rite of passage. The rite of passage is largely ceremonial, but if a Mynx’s mother deems it necessary can make the rite very difficult for the young mynx to pass. Young Mynx may take the rite of passage as early as their 24th birthday (16 earth standard years) but often this is held off for a few years. The oldest living Mynx died just a few days shy of her three hundred eighty seventh birthday (roughly 245 earth standard years). However most Mynx live to around their thirty third decade (220 earth years), with males seeing a slightly shorter lifetime then females.

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Race inspired by classic ‘cat girl’ trope
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