Main Characters

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Note on the characters. I have a rough guideline for how powerful the characters are. It’s broken down into four attributes that range on a scale of one to ten, with a score of five being average for a terran human. In addition they may have skills. These skills have a ranking of one to ten as well, but a score of zero simply means that the character is not trained in that skill, a one might mean that they know the basics, and a ten would be that they are near legendary in their skill.

The four base attributes and what they mean are:
Toughness : How physically fit the character is. This is a general coverall for not only physical health but also strength, resilience, and the ability to withstand shock, sickness, or injury.
Agility : How nimble, quick, and dexterous the character is. This covers the ability to react quickly to a situation as well as preform nimble tasks.
Persona : What sort of force of personality the character has. This is a general representation of the character’s force of will, their charisma, or how good they are at interacting with other people.
Smarts : This can represent either common sense or book learning or both. A charater with a high smarts skill might still be absent minded. Likewise a dim witted street thug might have a high smarts score because they know how to thrive in a deadly environment, even though they can barely write their own name.

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Main Characters

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