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Alliance join date:

432.21 GF


Female: 100% Asari are monogendered

The Asari are one of the most powerful and populous members of the galactic alliance. History shows that the original founding members of the Galactic alliance joined together out of a desire to protect themselves from what they saw as the ‘Asari threat’ at that time. The Darven, Entarian, Fey, and Velin met the Asari empire in -47 GF. While the Asari were peaceful, the four original galactic races banded together so that the Asari empire would not assimilate them into the Asari Empire. Half a millennium of relative peace followed before the Asari came to the galactic empire and asked to join, shocking the members of the alliance. Since then the Asari have been peaceful and cooperative members of the Alliance, desiring peace, exploration, and prosperity for all races in the alliance, not just their own.

The Asari are a mono-gendered race which is feminine in appearance. While they are able to participate in physical sex, their reproductive cycle is more closely linked to skin to skin contact with a ‘father’ donor (who can be any race). The ’father’s’ DNA is sampled and then integrated with the Asari ’mother’s’ DNA and then fertilizes the Asari’s egg, resulting in pregnancy. The child of a union between an Asari and non-asari is always a full blooded Asari. There are no such things as half Asari hybrids. It is this genetic dominance that scared other races several millenium ago, the fear that the Asari would genetically dominate the universe. This fear has proven to be unfounded as the Asari, while still very great in number are not quite as populous as they used to be. Though almost any civilized planet, space station, or large ship in the alliance has at least a few Asari on it.

Racial advantage: Asari are all inherently psychic. While not every Asari learns to manifest or control their abilities to a useful level, almost all do to some extent. The psychic talents that Asari manifest tend towards the more aggressive. Abilities like telekinesis, pyrokensis, psychic healing, and the ability to create psychic barriers are fairly common while passive abilities like precognition are exceedingly rare
In addition Asari live for a very long time. Their natural lives extend upwards of a millenia (1000+ galactic years or 750+ earth standard years).

Racial disadvantage: With lives that can easily stretch over the thousand year mark, Asari sometimes find it difficult to make connections. While less ‘cold’ than the similarly long lived Velin, they still face some of the same problems as the demonkin.
However Asari reach sexual maturity right around their 30th galactic year (20 earth standard years) however society considers an Asari to be an adult after they are done maturing at age 39 (26 earth standard years). But in Asari culture they are still considered ‘younglings’ and not fully respected until they reach a ‘respectable age’ of around 180 galactic years (120 earth standard years). Until they reach that ‘respectable age’ they are considered adults, but most older Asari look at the younglings much as Terrans look at young adults that are in their late teens or early twenties. Brash impulsive and full of the zeal of youth. Asari younglings are often impulsive and emotional, as opposed to the ‘coolness’ of an older Asari.
Finally, Asari struggle with an unique problem due to their physiology. For some reason, they tend to be universally attractive to most races and sexes. Combined with the fact that they can physically copulate with little to no physical drawbacks, and the fact that they can mate with and reproduce with any race, they are extremely attractive to other races. So much so to the fact that they are considered universally the most valuable slave to slavers in the galaxy. Asari can find themselves the target of lonely people who want children or love sick admireres of all races and genders.

Appearance: Like most of the races of the galactic alliance, Asari are bipedal humanoids. However unlike most races, they are mono gendered. Appearing similar in form to most races’s females the Asari posess wombs and reproductive systems necessary to produce offspring as long as they can ‘sample’ the DNA of a willing partner. The height of the average Asari is around 1.72m (5 ft 8 in). A typical Asari has a blue to purple complexion, though some Asari have a lighter teal complexion. There have been cases of Asari born with a bluish-green skin tone, but these are rare. Asari display color patterns in their skin which vary from individual to individual, however many Asari have dark markings above their eyes that are analogous to eyebrows in other races. In the place of head hair, Asari possess wavy folds of sculpted skin. Asari are completely hairless.

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OOC Information:
This race pretty much copied full cloth from the Asari of the mass effect universe, with minor changes

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