Captain John Hale

Captain and main protaganist of the game

Captain John Hale
Full Name: John Anders Hale
Rank or Title Captain
Aliases: (none)

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Captain John Hale is a deep and complicated man. Currently the captain of the light cargo craft the “Space Ray,” he makes his living on his ability to stay ahead of danger. Though chronologically in his 60s (earth standard years) he’s received genetic recombination therapy and has the body of a man half his age. He also has cybernetic implants that replaced shattered bones sustained in a heroic accident. The bones in his left leg, hip, arm, shoulder, and three ribs on that side are cybernetic replacements, but they rarely give him problems.
Hale is a bit of a ladies man, and will not settle down. He refuses to talk about his wife and child, who died several decades before when he was in his early thirties. But those who get to know him suspect that the loss of his wife and child have a lot to do with his transient personality today.
He’s fairly honest and moral, but also knows alliance law quite well, and doesn’t mind skirting the spirit of law as long as he sticks to the letter of it.
At the outset of the game John Hale is the captain and owner of the light cargo ship the Space Ray.

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Captain John Hale

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